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Computer Science Facilities

Computer Science Facilities
The Computer Science Program is housed in the Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Center for Science and Computation (RKC). The main floor of the Center has three large, self-contained "smart" classrooms, an auditorium capable of seating 80, and labs lining the entire western side of the building. The labs are framed by glass walls that overlook woods leading down a slope to Annandale Road. Faculty offices are found on the second floor.

What's in the RKC?

Built in 2007, the Center has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, with ample laboratory and teaching space. Features include:

  • A new computer teaching laboratory (the "Doughnut Room") enables integrated hands-on computing within the context of classroom instruction. The teaching lab includes reconfigurable tables for group projects, 21 Macintosh computers at the perimeter, a printer, and projection to the main screen for all computers in the lab.
  • A Hardware Teaching Lab for instruction in computer hardware and robotics. This room contains 20 PCs that dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.  Lab tables support work on electronic and mechanical systems. An attached room houses Lego Mindstorms, IPRE, and Pioneer robots as well as electronics equipment.
  • RKC 110 houses the Laboratory for Algebraic and Symbolic Computation and the Distributed Robotics (DRAB) lab.
  • A Cognitive Systems Lab devoted to cognitive modeling, machine learning and human-computer interaction.
  • Ad-hoc study space with whiteboards, wireless networking, and network jacks.
  • Proximity to computer science faculty and the systems administrator on the second floor.
  • A dedicated computer server room.
  • 24-hour access via a card-reader security system.
  • Lab Hours
    Reem Kayden Center 100: Mon-Thurs 7-11 pm, Sun  6-10 pm
    Reem Kayden Center 107: Mon, Tues and Thurs 7-11 pm, Wed 9-11 pm, Sun 6-10 pm
    Albee 100: Anytime with access card

Computing Equipment

Our systems are served by a Dell Poweredge 1550 running Linux and 2 Xserve G5s with Dual 2.3 GHz processors and 4.5 GB RAM. The Program also maintains a number of PCs that run Red Hat Linux. A gigabit fiber-optic backbone network and 100Mb switched Ethernet link the College's various facilities and provide students and faculty with unlimited access to the Internet, e-mail, and the World Wide Web. Wireless networking zones (WiFi "hotspots") are located in the Bertelsmann Campus Center and Stevenson Library. Bard has site licenses for a number of software packages of particular use for computer science and mathematics students, including Mathematica (a very powerful tool for solving a broad range of mathematical problems), SPSS (for statistics), and PCTeX (a friendly implementation of TeX (for typesetting papers).