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Below is a list of our currently offered courses as well as course the program anticipates offering in the future. These future courses are not guaranteed. Actual course offerings depend on student needs and interests as well as staffing.Click below to see a description of all courses.


The Computer Science Program also offers tutorials on advanced topics not included in the topics offered during the current semester.

Michael Walker '11

Michael Walker '11

Michael makes experimental games, interactive art, and software tools. He currently works with the Playful Systems group at the MIT Media Lab, where his research focuses on embodied narrative and storytelling in real-world public spaces. Previously, he’s worked on high-profile apps such as Words With Friends and Timehop.

Current Courses

CMSC 115 Introduction to Computing: Simulating Reality Anderson
CMSC 141 Object-Oriented Programming O'Hara/Norton
CMSC 201 Data Structures O'Hara
CMSC 210 Programming Nature: Modeling Biological and Physical Systems Norton
CMSC 251 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Anderson
CMSC 305 Design of Programming Languages McGrail
CMSC 321 Databases: Theory and Practice McGrail