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    Computer science students compete with robots they built. Computer science students compete with robots they built.
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Michael Walker '11

Michael Walker '11

Michael is an engineer and tech entrepreneur based in New York. He started his first business while studying at Bard, and went on to work with companies such as Zynga as both an employee and a freelancer. He is currently a software consultant with Pivotal Labs, where he helps New York-based tech companies build software more efficiently.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Choreographic Abstractions for Design-by-Humans of Heterogeneous Human Behaviors

Amy LaViers, Assistant Professor in Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia more >

The Computer Science Program at Bard

offers courses of interest to computer science, science, and non-science majors. The program focuses on teaching fundamental ideas of computer science and, in the process, introduces students to a wide variety of programming languages that emphasize different programming paradigms. Students in computer science benefit from the program's long-term focus on a broad conceptual education.

The Computer Science Program at Bard offers three standard ways to enter the program:
  • CMSC 110-119 Introduction to Computing
  • CMSC 141 or 143 Object-Oriented Programming
  • CMSC 201 Data Structures
Students who would like more information about studying computer science at Bard are encouraged to speak with any of the computer science faculty. They can also read detailed descriptions of the degree requirements.