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About the Program

About the Program
Computation is an integral part of contemporary life. Computer science encompasses the study of computing technology, theory, and applications in all contexts, including mobile computing, desktop computing, robotics and autonomous vehicles, and the Internet. The Computer Science Program at Bard offers courses tailored to the interests of students from across the college. The program focuses on the fundamental ideas of computer science and introduces students to multiple programming languages and paradigms. It offers broad coverage of theoretical, applied, and systems-oriented topics.

The Computer Science Major

Before undertaking an Upper College concentration and Senior Project in computer science, a student must moderate into computer science. By the time of moderation, a student in the program should have completed or should be enrolled in:By graduation, a student in the program must take:
  • CMSC 301: Algorithms
  • CMSC 305: Design of Programming Languages
  • CMSC 312: Theory of Computation
  • CMSC 326: Operating Systems, CMSC 325: Multiprocessor Computer Architecture, CMSC 327: Distributed Systems, or CMSC 350: Computer Networks
  • Two or more computer science electives, at least one numbered 300 or above
  • A Senior Project
Students in the Computer Science Program are expected to follow the standard divisional procedure for Moderation, and to fulfill the collegewide distribution and First-Year Seminar requirements.